Designers training participants at the Open Design Weeks come from the Open Source Publishing Group in Brussels.


OSP (Open Source Publishing) is an interdisciplinary and international collective based in Brussels, Belgium that uses only Free, Libre and Open Source Software (F/LOSS). Since 2006, OSP tests the possibilities and realities of doing design, illustration, cartography and typography using a wide range of F/LOSS tools. We realise that modifying and expanding the tools we are working with, while engaging deeper with the communities that develop them, change both our practice and the designs we are creating.

Open Source Publishing Open Source Publishing Group getting started at a presentation at the University of Arts Saigon



Pierre refuses labels: he is not a programmer, nor cartographer or artist. Or maybe he is all at once? In the last few years, Pierre contributed to the development of major Free Software projects such as the Scribus desktop publishing software. He is projectleader of FontMatrix, a font management system initiated in 2007. He works on the duo Fonzie-Nancy, a scan-to-font application that allows a font based on several “drawings” by nature and recently LiteralDraw, an application that allows the exploration of the relation between drawing and code.


refers to the Unix(-like) operating system standard streams, allowing commands to be chained together to produce original programs. It shows our interest for programming, for the GNU/Linux operating system and Free software in general. But moreover it reflects our interest for language, and how the latter is a tension between existing standards and new meanings. We've been trained as classical graphic designers in the Valence school of Fine ArtsFR from 2004 to 2006, where we developed a strong interest in media and writing theory. In 2009, we graduated from the MA Media Design course of the Piet Zwart Institute in RotterdamNL. We strengthen our research and theory practice along developing our programming skills to apply them to graphic design.

PIERRE HUYGHEBAERT Pierre Huyghebaert studied visual communication, typography and animation. In twenty years, he developed several practices around graphic design: co-founder of the type design label Hammerfonts, free-lancer and art director in various studios, co-founder of the studio Mind The Gap in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1993 with Karl Bassil, working in duo with the illustrator/photographer/cartoon publisher Vincent Fortemps mainly for the Belgian cultural world. After founding Normal, a non-profit association, he currently drives his own studio Speculoos alongside with the book designer Alexia de Visscher. They share Speculoos as a way to express their common conceptual processes and their interest for the ready- made. They see it as a structure dedicated to the development of specialized but eclectic projects in such fields as web interface, cartography, typographical creation, schematic illustration, software development management and book design. Since 2003, Pierre also teaches book design and complex visualization projects at the Digital Arts section of La Cambre art school in Brussels. He collaborates with visual artists, including Honoré d’O, Patrick Corillon, Vincent Meessen.



-Dingbats Liberation Fest 4, installlation (MakeArt Festival, Poitiers, 2010)

-SILEX-LEX, curation of group-exhibition (De Pianofabriek, Brussels, 2010)

-Fernand Baudin Prijs, group-exhibition (reizend, 2009-2010)

-Libre Graphics Meeting 2010, organisation of 5th international meeting (Brussels, 2010)

-Nancy, installation and software (MyMonkey Gallery, Nancy, 2009)

-Active Archives, software experiments, workshops and events in collaboration with several European institutes (Barcelona, San Sebastian, Brussels 2007-…)


-Chaîne typo-graphique ouverte, course (Ecole de recherch graphique, Brussels, 2010)

-Territorial practice, workshop (Israel lab for digital media, Holon, 2010)

-ABC, Workshop (De Pianofabriek, Brussels, 2010)

-Please Computer : Make Me Design 2, workshop (Interface 3, Brussels, 2010)

-Please Computer : Make Me Design, workshop (ESAPV Mons, 2010)

-Dingbats Liberation Fest, workshop (Zennestraat 17, Brussel, 2009)

-Parallel Publishing, workshop (Ecole des beaux arts Bordeaux, 2009)

-Print Party: Quatre Quarts (Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels, 2008 + 2009)

-Print Party (Septante-Cinq Brussels, 2008)

-Local Universal, workshop (Creative Art Center Wroclaw, Poland, 2008)

-Print Party (Interface3 en Université Attac, Brussels, 2006)


-Archipel, interactieve database, furniture and identity mediatheque (Brussels, 2010)

-Font-release: Univers-Else (2010)

-Light at the other end of the dial, record cover (Vernon + Burns, 2010)

-Design 2 euro-coin (Ministerie van Financiën, Den Haag, 2010)

- (with Michael Murtaugh, 2010)

-Parallellepipeda, identity (Museum M, Leuven, 2010)

-Openbaar Schrijver, bookdesign and scripts (2009)

-Cimatics, festival identity and font-release (2009)

-CROSS-over: Kunst, media en technologie in Vlaanderen, design publication, editorial contribution ( Uitgeverij Lannoo / BAM, Gent, 2009)

-Puerto Kookboek, editing, illustration, design (Puerto, Brussels, 2009)

-Cinema du Reel, installation, poster (Centre Pompidou, 2009)

-Tracks in electr(on)ic fields, bookdesign (Constant, Brussels, 2009)

-Gender Art Net, experimental mapping project (2009)

-The ectasy of influence, poster (La Mediatheque, Brussel, 2009)

-FLOSS-art, bookdesign and font-release: Libertinage (GOTO10, 2009)

-Catalogue, boekdesign and installation (Piet Zwart Instituut, Rotterdam, 2008)

-Font-release: NotCourier-sans (2008)

-Prix Fernand Baudin, identity (2008)


-F/LOSS in the classroom (Libre Graphics Magazine, 2010)

-Interview with Matthew Fuller (Nettime, 2008)

-Awkward Gestures: designing with free software ( Reader, 2008)

-Weblog: (2006-Present)


-A frog in the range (RingVorlesung Merz Akademie Stuttgart, 2010)

-Unimagining tools (Open code vs Military Culture? Shenkar forum, Tel Aviv, 2010)

-MakeArt (Poitiers, 2010)

-Kick Out the Jam (Typogravieh lebt, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, 2010)

-Tales of Interrogated Type (Edit!, CAPC, Bordeaux, 2009)

-FLOSS+Art (CROSS-lab, Rotterdam, 2009)

-Another Year of OSP (Libre Graphics Meeting: Montreal, Wroclaw, Brussels 2007 – 2010)


-Prix Fernand Baudin 2009 (most beautiful book of Brussels and Wallonia) for Tracks in electr(on)ic fields

-Plantin Moretus prijs 2008 (most beautiful book of Flanders in category non-fiction) for CROSS-over: Kunst, media en technologie in Vlaanderen